Understand how technology startups can help in the transport sector

Logistics occupies an important place in the ranking among the fastest growing sectors. The global logistics market has an estimated value of US $ 4 trillion. Since 2011, it is the fastest growing economic sector, 7% per year.

Technological trends are gaining ground with great speed. Companies are adhering to startups as a way of simplifying various logistical processes. In this article, some of these tools that are being used among transport and logistics companies in the state of Rio Grande do Sul will be mentioned. At startups they are companies with a scalable business model, based on innovation and technology, seeking to create efficient solutions that solve the needs of the market and meet the demands.

Transport sector entities are also addressing the issue among their companies, for example, in the beginning of September the Union of Cargo Transport and Logistics Companies in the State of Rio Grande do Sul - SETCERGS, COMJOVEM Porto Alegre and Associação Gaúcha in startups  - AGS, held Connect Now, an online event that aimed to connect companies in the Road Freight Transport at startups with innovative solutions.

Thaís Bandeira Cardoso, SETCERGS Management Director and administrative partner of the company Kodex Express, points out that “transport and logistics need to adapt and work with innovative solutions that at startups are offering in the market. We see it as a business opportunity in the midst of a time of changes and uncertainties that we are experiencing in our sector ”, I concluded.

Below we list some of the startups that has been used:

Chapa Seguro: plate contracting platform by carrier or driver, with evaluation after the service. (www.chapaseguro.com.br)

Motorista PX: service that connects autonomous drivers (legal entities, without CLT link) and cargo transporters in specific services. (https://motoristapx.com.br/)

Neokohm Telematics Intelligence: offers 4.0 technology solutions, such as a remote refrigerator control system that identifies errors and reports in real time. (https://www.neokohm.com/)

Idez: complete solution to assemble a personalized digital bank. (https://idez.com.br/)

Indeorum: uses data science and artificial intelligence to optimize routes, among other solutions for TRC. (https://indeorum.com/)

Biti9: automation of processes such as note recognition and order launching. (https://www.biti9.com.br/)

Sowx: works with the development of customized software and hardware for tire and fleet traceability controls, shipping, etc. (http://sowx.com.br/)

PixForce: develops solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It offers a system, the Pix Gate, which identifies truck plates by computer vision, counts axle numbers and determines the maximum load, among other features. (https://pixforce.com.br/)

ARPAC: provides agricultural air services with professional drones, performing spraying and identification, as well as preventive maintenance. It has its own manufacture, but also operates third party drones. (http://www.arpacbrasil.com.br/)

FlyTech: Delivery using drones. It already operates in air deliveries of medicines. (https://www.facebook.com/FLYTECH2019/)

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