Are you in a shipping business or shortening the time?

Responsible: Thais Bandeira Cardoso

This question is perfect for rethinking which business model is appropriate to the current market context and which value delivery we need to offer our customers, will it be enough to be transporters with large fleets of trucks, warehouses and professionals trained to manage operations, that in society's point of view are just simple logistics that deliver your products, or is it necessary to build digital business structures that deliver the best experience to our customers and sell new concepts and break paradigms?

We already know that the answer to that question is yes, we need to shorten the time, think about how to do it faster, cheaper and with more and more convenience. Here comes the second and third questions, how do we start transforming our business? How to transform traditional businesses that are being consumed by the absurd tax burden, numerous accessory obligations and laws that do not always favor undertaking in Brazil into businesses with a digital focus that sell time at the lowest cost?

There are countless questions that we ask daily and that we are not always able to answer, or even succeed, but sometimes we are swallowed by administrative, legal, tax problems, lacking time to create and break paradigms within our realities, but the great guru already said from modern management, Peter Drucker, if you want to do something new, stop doing something old!

The problems of our organizations are that we do something well done for a long time and we forget to create something new, different from the people who are disrupting our business, who often do not have all the experience of our market, but think about solving the problem. pain that they see as users of it, creating a purpose and making old things obsolete.

That's why innovation is so necessary, we need to start today to make things a little better every day, using available technology to automate our processes and start the transformation.

But, is this whole transformation just about technology? No, the engine of this great revolution is the people, they are the ones who wake up every day thinking about how to make the world more democratic and create ways to do the same things, only in a simple way, scaling ideas without worrying too much about the current rules.

So if the big change comes from people, we need to engage them in the transformation of our organizations, creating a culture aimed at opening ideas and valuing the human being, and the first movement that companies need to make is to know what their current culture is , so that later they start the work that will direct their team to new perspectives.

And which culture model is right for my business? There is no right or wrong model, there is the one that will best fit your company to achieve its purpose, which can be a mix of several or just one, the important thing is to know that the customer must always be at the center and that everything must be built for him and with him.

Are you in a shipping business or shortening the time? If your company is still in a transportation business, start working today in a business that sells time, this is the value that customers seek, focus on what it takes to model your business in a way that the customer sees value and that differs from the others, start the transformation with simplicity, because the big ideas are simple and for everyone!